Date(s) - 04/08/2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


We are seeing an unprecedent number of individuals and organizations working remotely. Our dependencies on remote communication have skyrocketed to numbers reaching historic heights. Additionally, we face a myriad of pressures to be more efficient and accessible, while doing even more with less in this tenuous environment. This session will equip us to stay productive, engaged, and sane as we face these unchartered waters. Participants will explore the four C’s of establishing & maintaining remote communications:

1. Commitment:

• Using commitment as a vehicle for staying motivated.

• Gain insight on how to best utilize remote personal and professional productivity resources.


2. Communication:

• Staying productive when digital devices are down.

• Interpersonal communication techniques to engage collaborators in a remote environment.


3. Concentration:

• Steps to enhance your productivity while remaining focused avoiding ‘shiny star’ distractions.

• Emotional Intelligence in a remote environment.


4. Contact:

• Self-care in closed quarters.

• Remote Environment Tips: Computer Time, Relationship Maintenance Breaks, Scheduling, etc.

Establishing and Maintaining Remote Connections with Dr. Kim Carter, The Igniter