Our Story

3 Women

October 2017

It all started with a spontaneous conversation about breaking barriers, building bridges and the power of connections to advance women.

6 Women

November 2017

The conversation grew into an "idea" over dinner as we explored opportunities to build bridges between our diverse organizations. We left energized about the possibilities and potential to advance women.

12 Women

December 2017

The “idea” strengthened over an even bigger dinner. A dozen women from different organizations discovered that we all share a desire to:

  • Help women make connections, advance and thrive in the Pittsburgh region.
  • Coordinate efforts and keep it simple.
24 Women

January 2018

The "idea" was transformed into a concrete strategy and plan when a diverse group of women representing corporate, professional women's groups, non­‐profits and government gathered for a planning session.

February 2018

The Pittsburgh Women's Alliance was launched and we began building a database website with the assistance of a Carnegie Mellon University student, Sara Banten.

Today,  we are an alliance of over 50 (and growing) women’s organizations who share an interest in optimizing our collective impact to attract, retain and advance diverse professional women in the Pittsburgh region.