PWA Organizations

PWA organizations use the site to share information about their organization and schedule of events.

PWA organizations are:

  • Professional women’s groups. For example, Women in Bio or a corporate women’s group.
  • Non-profits that include serving women and/or girls and have opportunities for professional women to volunteer etc.. For example, Girl’s on the Run.

The following individuals and groups are outside the PWA organizations parameters:

  • A professional coach, trainer, speaker or other service provider. In our next release, we hope to add a resources section. Please send us an email ( with your contact information and we will notify you at that time.
  • An individual that delivers or hosts sessions for the purpose of business development such as beauty products and legal or financial services
  • Networking or mastermind groups

Why aren’t these groups included?

There are a multitude of outstanding women’s groups addressing a vast array of women’s personal needs such: as yoga, nutrition and therapeutic support groups. While we recognize that our personal and professional success are inextricably linked, this database site does not include those groups.

In order to be a viable and value creating organization, we must define a niche. Despite our shared passion for supporting the broader array of women’s organizations, Pittsburgh Women’s Alliance has chosen to focus solely on the ones outlined above.

If you don’t meet our participant group parameters, we encourage you to send us an email at with a 2-3 bullet points about your group’s purpose.

We are happy to spread the word through our networks if we encounter a need or opportunity!

Our Founders & Team